Adam Krieger, Sat 05 July 2014, Reflections

In this, my inaugural blog post, I will attempt to say thanks to the people that have influenced my life, and career, significantly. I’ll also try to introduce myself in the process.


My parents and sister taught me that life is open 24 / 7, 365. There is nothing out there that you can’t set out to achieve, or experience, or do. My family pushed me to pursue what I was passionate about, and by nature, I’m a very passionate person. I see problems, I solve them, and I reap the intrinsic rewards. I have a great love for comedy, nuance, and symmetry, and I owe it to my formative environment.

Henry Penner

I owe a great thanks to Henry Penner, who unfortunately passed away mere months after I had finished taking the courses he taught. His method reminded you that you get out what you put in. He addressed a lack of effort with indifference, and replied to curiousity with focus. I’ve found this to be pretty much on par with what life in general will do to you. Penner didn’t just teach subject matter, he taught people to prove that they were learning, and to prove what they had learnt.

Jean-Paul Boodhoo

In 2011, I took JP’s .Net with Passion course at a time when I was burning out. His course turned software on its head for me. I had been coding, and solving problems, but I hadn’t been driving the software. I hadn’t been delving into the rich, fatty, pieces of the framework that I’d been using for years. He also introduced me to the Kinesis Advantage keyboard, which is a post for another day. At least for myself, that week wasn’t just a learning opportunity, but a monumental paradigm shift.

Many Others

There are many other people who have shifted my life, and taught me things, and taught me ways to learn. Assuredly too many to mention all in one post. I see every interaction in life as an opportunity to learn. Every failure or mistake is a clearly defined lesson. Every success is a reminder to drive further.

Thanks much,

Adam Krieger